Absentee Voting
Mail in

they aren’t the same

Why should I Vote in Person?

Isn’t an absentee ballot the same
as voting by mail? 

After all, they both go through the mail, and
we’ve been doing that for a while now. 


No, they aren’t.

Here’s the difference. While some use the terms interchangeably, It really isn’t the same thing.

An absentee ballot is for someone that knows they
won’t be able to vote in person on election day.

Maybe they have to work

They’re at school

In the military

Or they are Homebound

In some states you have to request a ballot, and verify it.

If you don’t fill it out properly, it’s rejected.

Just because you requested the ballot doesn’t mean you’ll get it, though.

There are qualifications that you have to have to be approved for a ballot.

Things like jury duty and working the polls
are some other examples.

Some states allow it for any reason, but you still have to request it.

Mail in Ballots are a whole other beast.

You don’t have to request it.

Mail in Ballots just show up in the mail for registered voters.

Sometimes multiple ballots show up for the same registered voter at the same location.

This causes some problems due to the issues that we have with the voting rolls.

Some are dead

Some move without changing their address on the official record

and yes, some are fraudulent

So What’s
the Answer?