The VIP campaign is the answer to the call for the entire American voting population to vote by mail for the very first time in US history. VIP is a call to action to America to Vote In Person!

Find Your Polling Place to
ensure an END –

Election Night Decision

Why VIP?

There are multiple example of voter fraud being prosecuted, and more examples that have never been caught. Illegals voting, repeat voting, dead people voting- there are many examples.

The American people have known that the USPS is unreliable for years. Everyone has at least one story of not getting an important letter or package when it was expected, and sometimes at all.

The VIP campaign raises awareness
about the importance of your vote.

Elections, and the rights of the people to choose their representatives are some of the most import things that happen in this great country.

The recent call to do elections by mail are neither intelligent nor necessary.  We believe that the chaos and potential for voter fraud that will come from voting by mail far outweighs any safety concerns that may come up.

The VIP Campaign is a call to action to Americans to Vote In Person

I will VIP.

We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.

- Thomas Jefferson